Lost in a daydream
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Teen Wolf AU  - Sterek AU (NSFW just in case)

Stiles sees photos with the caption “Nude Model Derek H." on his dash.

(WC: 1051)

It might have been an accident finding Derek’s nude shots on tumblr but the decision to follow through to the actual blog and going through the whole archive (only 50 posts. why.), had been a deliberate choice. One Stiles made after surreptitiously throwing a look at the open door, walking up to close it and his windows before closing the blinds.

At first it had been idle curiosity, his desire to see what the rest of the pictures looked like. After all, the two that had cropped up on his dashboard were really lovely in terms of lighting and composition. And Stiles’ considered himself to have good taste in all things artsy. Shut up, let him have that okay? Thank you.

And he really wanted to make sure this really was Derek. Sure, the caption says ‘Derek H.’ but that could be a coincidence right? Stiles is very good at denial, had he ever mentioned that?

Every shot is amazing but the photographer has taken care not to show the model’s face. But there are a few shots where part of the model’s face was visible so. Yeah.

Anyways. Idle curiosity to start with. It had taken less than 30 seconds for his curiosity to turn into amazement and another 20 for that to turn into a low burning lust. There was no other way to put it but Derek’s pictures? They were hot. Objectively speaking!

They weren’t porny, to start with. They were kind of borderline actually. Wait. If a picture didn’t show a dude’s dick, then it wasn’t porny right? Stiles paused to consider that, eyes glazed as he stared at the wall behind his laptop screen. 'I need to look that up,' Stiles decided with a shrug, going back to staring at Derek’s incredible thighs. 

'I wonder how those would feel…' Stiles’ brain wondered, teeth absentmindedly nibbling on his bottom lip. Derek was a hell lot more hairy than he was, especially on the legs and torso. It was breaking Stiles’ brain actually. No, really! His brain was stuck going ‘guh!’ at every picture on the blog.

The pictures are very guh worthy okay? They’re tasteful and classy and sexy. They also have Stiles muttering, “Why’re you hiding your dick” a few times. And on his third perusal of the collection, (why are there only 50 pictures in total!) he realized he was petting himself through his jeans. 

The arousal moving through his system wasn’t the same hot rush he was used to feeling while watching stuff like this. This was deeper. Lazier. Coupled with a desire to tease and draw his orgasm out. The complete opposite of wanting to whip his dick out and come as hard and fast as he could. No, Stiles decided as he unzipped his jeans and went back to stroking himself through his soft underwear, he wanted a slow orgasm this time.

His eyes went from one picture to another, making a mental note to save all of the pictures into a secret fold and making a slideshow out of them for future use, tongue wetting his dry lips. He imagined Derek sitting on the bed, looking at the photographer for instruction before spreading his knees and cupping his junk. Would he ask the photographer if that was okay? Or should he spread his knees wider?

Stiles bit his bottom lip, squeezing the base of his cock as he imagined multiple scenarios for every picture. Had Derek done these in New York? Or was he still doing them? Had he done anything raunchier than these artsy photographs? Why the hell was he wearing underwear in that picture? It was hiding his amazing ass! Ahem.

His dick twitched at the sight of Derek stretching in bed like a lazy cat. The corner of a happy grin showing from under the arm covering his face. But what really made Stiles groan and fall back in his chair was how the bedsheets were dangerously low. Low enough to show off pubic hair and the teasing edge of his dick. And then there was the second hand under the sheets, holding the dick in question.

Jesus. Stiles wanted to cry. He gave up and closed his eyes, imagined how that scenario could have played out. He jerked his briefs down just enough to get his cock out, hand moving frantically as the fantasy spiralled out of control. 

He imagined kneeling on the bed watching Derek, torn between staring at the man’s smile and the hand moving under the sheets. Stiles imagined pulling the sheets off, slow and teasing because Derek would like that. Would like how it would feel against his body hair. 

Derek would also like how Stiles is staring at him, peeking out from his hiding place with a grin before squeezing his cock and asking, “You like this huh?” 

How would Derek like it anyways? How would he jerk himself off? Would he like to take his time? Or just go for it? Would his preferred method differ when someone else was watching? If he knew Derek at all, Stiles would say Derek would be a teasing asshole with his lover. He’d love that. Stiles knew it. Just knew it.

The thought of Derek teasing him, teasing himself, had him clenching his jaw with effort to hold his whine in. How long would Derek hold off his orgasm? Probably until Stiles had come first. Yeah. Only then would Derek give up, throw his head back with a loud groan and come all over himself. All over his lovely hairy torso and make a fucking mess over that happy trail of his.

Stiles’ orgasm hit him suddenly, making him gasp with surprise. His mouth, once opened, remained open as it let out pained little noises as he stretched the pleasure out for all its worth.

He eventually managed to open his eyes, and stared blearily at his laptop screen. Jeez. That was good. Great even. He really needed to save all the pictures. All of them. And find out if there were more pictures than these.

Obviously Derek must never know that he knew.


Stiles slapped his clean hand over his hands with a groan, wondering how the hell was he going to be able to look Derek in the eye after this!

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The only important misfits episodes are the ones with Robert Sheehan in it (and I’ll rewatch them asap)

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Are any of you actually going to talk to me someday or not??

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Lifetime of consumption,
They've all become the same.
I punish them with pleasure,
And pleasure some with pain.
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